How She Teaches Genetic Diseases

This Karyotype shows an individual with Turner’s Syndrome. A healthy human has 46 chromosomes, and there are only 45.

If sperm and egg cells don’t have 23 chromosomes each, a baby would have 45 or 47 chromosomes. Is this possible? Yes. How would this happen? You will be able to explain how at the end of this week! This week we are building upon what we learned about Meiosis, the making of gametes, and our chromosomes, and learning about what genetic diseases are and how they occur.

If you want to see what Vocabulary Terms I use to teach Genetics, check out my blog post List of Vocabulary Terms for High School Biology. I hope these resources on how I teach Genetic Diseases can help with lesson planning and save you valuable time! Let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment! Check out my blog posts below for more science lesson ideas!

Check out my customizable lesson plans on Genetic Diseases:

  • Customizable Teacher Scripts for Genetic Diseases and Human Karyotyping
  • Lesson plan and weekly message to students with agenda and due dates for the week
  • Vocabulary practice and Activity ideas on genetic diseases and karyotypes
  • Genetic Disease Notes Outline for students
  • Genetic Disease Check-in in Google Forms
  • Lab Report in Google Forms: Human Karyotyping
  • Example video recording of lecture on Genetic Diseases (script provided too!)

Teacher Script #004 Genetic Diseases

Teacher Script #005 Human Karyotyping

Notes Outline: Genetic Diseases

Teacher Script: Genetic Disease Notes Presentation

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