Introducing…Teacher Scripts!

We all know how challenging it can be when you’re a new teacher, getting classroom management under your belt. You want to share your awesome knowledge and real-life examples that will get students’ brain wheels turning, but their squirming, whispering, pencil-tapping, (goodness forbid finger skateboarding), can easily interrupt your train of thought and derail you from sharing your awesome knowledge and planned talking points that are in your head. I know too well also, that some of us teachers are just NATURALS at doing this, and I admire them tremendously, I have learned so much from them. I have a lot of talents when it comes to teaching, but I still struggle with what to say sometimes. In my first two years as a solo teacher I received some great advice from my mentor in the New Teacher Project. She advised that I write a script, so that I would be prepared with talking points and examples.

These resources are designed for you to activate prior knowledge, and facilitate discussions in the classroom. Teachers have so many wonderful talents and skills, but obviously not all teachers have the same strengths. I have always admired the teachers who can stand in front of the class and lead a fascinating talk with jokes and personal examples, seemingly off the cuff, that get students HOOKED and invested in the day’s explorations. One of my strengths is creating and implementing engaging, hands-on, and collaborative labs and activities. But even after my 4th year of teaching (5th whole year working IN the classroom), I sometimes struggled with how to address the class, and really set them up for success by sharing my awesome knowledge and first hand experiences. Like other teachers, I was dedicated to the learning, but felt inadequate in saying the “right” things.

Teachers are fantastic collaborators, sharing lesson ideas and posting amazing resources that the learning community can use for FREE. What a gift. But even with the best lab or activity, through which students learn so much, without the teacher setting the stage for their learning, making connections for them, and then pulling everything together, the learning doesn’t go as deep. The Teacher Edition of the Textbook will advise: activate prior knowledge at the beginning of the lesson by having students make a KWL chart, or take a pre-assessment. But what about all the moments before and in between? What does the teacher actually say? I’ve spent a lot of time (and still do!) worrying about how I can make concepts clear, interesting, and fun for students.

Each school and teacher has their favorite activities, and there’s lots of stuff on the internet. With the addition of these teacher scripts, you will be able to set the stage for great learning and connect the dots for your learners. This is something that I wish I had as a new teacher, and I’m so happy to create this and make it available to you. We spend SO much of our own time developing lessons, and I want to make your life a little easier.

In this new age of digital learning, so many of us are stepping up to the plate to fill the role of teacher. You are doing an amazing job, and whatever your strengths are (and let’s face it we also ALL have some areas with emerging talents), with these scripts you can have the confidence to engage with your student(s) in the content. While you are facilitating the learning, you might learn some things too!  

This resource is for first year teachers, teachers looking to save some time, homeschool teachers, and amazing parents and guardians who are looking for a little guidance. My hope is that these scripts can save you valuable time, so you can direct more energy to where you want in your life that you feel is getting pushed to the side. I hope these scripts take some of the pressure off of your drive and responsibilities to provide thought-provoking and fun lessons.  And lastly I hope that whether you’re a first year teacher, or someone looking for a little help, that these scripts give you the confidence to execute lessons that are up to your high personal standards.

Published by How She Teaches

I teach Biology and Earth and Space Science in high school and middle school. I want to share my personal experiences and teaching milestones with anyone who wants to learn.

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