What’s Going On? Life, Blog, Teacher Scripts, and Updates for April 2022

I want to share some updates on the things I am working on. I feel like I am sitting on a lot of drafts and ideas, and I have to get some of it out! If something sounds interesting to you and you want to know more, please reach out by leaving a comment. The reason I started my blog is to help other teachers, so I would love to connect with you.


I love spending every day with my beautiful baby boy. He is 9 months old! I never imagined that I would take time off work to stay home with my baby, but it is the best decision I ever made. I consider myself incredibly fortunate. I am so grateful for my husband for being the provider of our family right now. I love sharing new experiences with my baby boy, like playing in the grass at the park and eating scrambled eggs. Part of being a good mom to me means being present with my son. I avoid using my cellphone around him and I keep the TV off. Where’s Waldo? books have been a great source of entertainment. They don’t require deep concentration and my son doesn’t protest when I look at them. I am connected with my son all day, everyday. We are basically inseparable, apart from when my husband watches him in the morning so I can get a few extra hours of sleep.


It can be hard for me now to make time for my blog, since I am watching my baby around the clock and for the most part I avoid using technology around him. He takes a pretty good and predictable nap in the morning, so that’s when I get to work! Still, I only have a short window to write each day. I have a list of maybe 100 blog post ideas, and 20 or so posts that are in draft. I’ll be writing a post about classroom supplies, and all of a sudden I remember a fascinating lab or classroom management strategy that I want to write about! I have a lot of balls in the air at one time. I guess I have too many ideas and I’m a little all over the place. Just a few of the topics I want to write about are:

  • My Class Points and Raffle System (with prizes!)
  • The Essential Lab Supplies I use as a science teacher
  • What goes in my Substitute Binder
  • The biggest mistakes I’ve made as a teacher 😦
  • Learning Styles – how to identify them, and a great beginning of the year activity

Teacher Scripts

I love writing my blog and reflecting on my teaching experiences. Teaching is such a unique field, and then we all have personal and shared experiences from our school days. I want other teachers to be able to learn from my experiences and have a jumping off point that gives them confidence and expertise. Above all, what I love most is writing about science. The science phenomena that makes you scratch your head. The mysteries of the universe that seem incomprehensible and make your brain hurt. Experiencing the amazing world we live in. My favorite part of teaching is to explore the world and share these AHA moments with my students through discussions, demonstrations, and labs.

Releasing more of my Teacher Scripts is my ultimate goal. When I create a Teacher Script, I get to do a deep dive into a topic that intrigues me to my core. Infectious diseases, genetics, and cells are just a few of the topics I am working on. With my Teacher Scripts, I demonstrate how I make abstract concepts concrete and interesting to learners. I think my Teacher Scripts will have the biggest impact for other teachers who could use a little help, which fulfills my drive and the purpose of my blog.

What’s next?

We were planning to go to California this month. After a lot of back and forth, we decided to postpone our trip again. The Covid-19 vaccine for babies might be just around the corner. I could not forgive myself if my son got sick and had long lasting side effects. I need to be able to tell him that I did everything I could to protect him. With my background working on clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, I am eager to review the study data and make an informed decision about the vaccine for my son. If you have your own opinion about the coronavirus and vaccines, that’s fine, just don’t come for me!

Like I mentioned, I continue to work on my Teacher Scripts and write the occasional blog post. One post a week would be my ideal goal, although that would be a bit of a stretch right now. My family and I are moving in a few weeks. Can you believe that my husband and I have moved every 2 years for the last 12 years? When we moved back to the east coast in 2020 I thought we would stay put for a while, but it’s been 2 years and just like clockwork it’s time to move again! As if I didn’t have enough going on, I also have a desire to create so many resources to support my Teacher Scripts and blog. Maybe I can get around to that when we are settled after our move.

To everyone out there, life is a lot right now! 2 years into the pandemic is wearing on everyone. Don’t forget to show yourself some grace. To all the teachers out there, you are doing amazing things! I hope your Spring Break was full of fun and rest. Remember that it’s all downhill from here until the last day of school.

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I teach Biology and Earth and Space Science in high school and middle school. I want to share my personal experiences and teaching milestones with anyone who wants to learn.

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